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Mantra Music Therapy

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

One of the daily practices I found to be super helpful in raising my own vibration/frequency is listening to mantra music. Sometimes 5 minutes, and other times an hour depending on my energy levels on that particular day. So what is mantra music? It is a healing modality that has therapeutic effects as well as helps develop and augment your intuition. In simple terms, mantras are pure sounds that generate high vibrations and help you get back to your center when you feel that your energy is not balanced. Mantra music uplifts the mind, spirit, and heart. I find that this modality resonates very well with individuals that are naturally drawn to sound and music in general.

There are many different mantra music tracks you can find for free on Youtube. My advice would be to pick one particular track that feels and sounds good to you and listen to the track for 40 days. According to yogic science, it takes 40 days to break or form a habit. By listening to the mantra every day (and as much as you feel drawn to it throughout the day), you will find that the mantra becomes part of your daily routine and you will soon remember the rhythm and words on your own, without listening to the track itself. The key to benefiting from this type of therapy is to try to be focused on the mantra and practice being present in the "now", which is the only moment in our reality.

It may be hard to focus for some time but I encourage you to keep on trying for a 40 day period, especially if the vibration of the music feels good to you. As you practice, especially in the early days, it is totally natural to experience feelings or random thoughts. When they appear, you can just observe them and let them go. Please do not feel bad about not being able to focus, it is completely natural, and it takes a lot of practice and time before one is able to master the chatter that is stored and programmed in our minds.

To get you started, here are some popular mantra music I personally enjoy, all available on Youtube!

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