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My All Time Favorite Practitioners

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

Throughout my health crisis and healing journey, I researched and visited all types of different medical doctors to treat my chronic physical and emotional conditions. I also met several alternative, holistic, intuitive, and spiritual practitioners as well as executive life coaches. One of the major lessons I learned from seeking care from alternative modalities, in particular intuitive and spiritual practitioners, is that these industries are not very well regulated in the United States and individuals often have to make their own judgement calls when seeking such services.

While many gifted practitioners are out there, as a rule of thumb, one has to be very cautious and wary of any red flags that come up when selecting a practitioner. For example, I felt that some of them overstated what their services could deliver and even went as far to make guarantees that if I followed their specific protocol, I could completely heal myself. Often these magic bullets would come with a hefty price tag ($5000 for a 3 month leaky gut reset program), a tempting offer at that time since I was so desperate to feel better. Obviously the price tag and the pressure to sign up were huge red flags for me!

The silver lining is that even though I had to try several less than optimal sources of care throughout my healing journey, I learned how to detect red flags and ultimately trust my intuition. I learned to observe whether I felt comfortable interacting with a particular practitioner and steer away from any that tried to instill fear or anxiety in me. Truly compassionate and caring professionals do exist and once you meet them, it's like you hit a gold mine! I feel so fortunate to have found the individuals below who provide the utmost professional care and are so talented in their own right, mastering their craft of healing.

Here is a list of practitioners that I recommend with absolutely no reservations:

Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine

Dr. Jerry Lin, Dipl.OM., L.Ac. DACM:

Dr. Shi-Hong Loh, M.D., Dao Sheng Acupuncture:

Dr. Ming Wu, Ph.D., Wu Healing Center:

Energy Medicine

Debra Liebowitz, Owner of Total Health Scan, LLC and practitioner of Cyberscan, an advanced biofeedback:

Guy Yair Beider, Founder of Bells Of Bliss and Sound Medicine Academy:

Energy & Spiritual Healing

John Johnson, Officiant of the Spiritualist Union (OSNU) and Tutor at Arthur Findlay College:

Lanka, Energy Healer and Spiritual Coach:

Pat Longo, Author of "The Gifts Beneath Your Anxiety" and Spiritual Healer/Teacher:

Life Coaching

Tracy Yuan, Executive Life Coach:

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